tissue paper purchased in 1980

1979, toddler daughter

Back in 1979 and on for a few years, our apartment complex had contests.

In summer, one renter could win a $100 prize for a beautiful flower garden of; $50 for second place. In winter, it was a window decorating contest.

I won second place a couple of summers. My garden under our windows included attractive vegetables, herbs, and marigolds.

One year I helped a neighbor dig and plant some marigolds near the curb of the parking lot and along the sidewalk to her building. I even spent time watering them all summer. I’ll note that I got not even a “thank you!” when she won the bigger check. Another year, some new tenants bought marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos on clearance, half dead at the end of July–but enough time for them to dig in the dried out pot-lets and water them just enough to make the plants look vaguely “perky.”

I was determined to win a first prize for the winter contest…

2 thoughts on “1-tissue-paper_0167

  1. Yes, I did win.

    It was not so showy as the fancy lights other neighbors displayed, but it was different. The $100 was, if I recall correctly, put to use partly to buy my first pasta machine.

    Now that they are faded, they have an even more subtle impact of originality. But I’m glad the family told me not to trash them. Perhaps my past self will inspire my present self…

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