With Things on Hand

Wednesday, 12/5/07
Pan-Fried Beef with Vegetables, page 457
Gyuniku Gomayaki


I made this meal with “things-on-hand” after a day of working at home. Mr. Tess had an evening meeting, so I didn’t make a complete Japanese dinner with soup and pickles and so on. This recipe, with its strong Western influences, is very simple and satisfying.

panfrsesamegarlicginer.jpgThinly sliced beef steak is marinated in a mixture of crushed sesame seeds, shoyu, sake, mirin, honey, grated garlic and ginger, paprika, and sesame oil. The most difficult part was to remember to take the beef out to thaw enough to slice thinly. Oh, and I ran around to the corner Korean store for bean sprouts.

panfrbeefcooking.jpgThe beef is stir-fried then pushed to the edges of the wok. Sliced onions are stir-fried in the center, then mushrooms and zuke (recipe used asparagus, but zuke is what I had) are added. Last briefly stir-fry with bean sprouts.

When I make this again, I’ll take the beef out of the wok. My stir-fry technique resulted in the beef being cooked more than I like. Mr. Tess doesn’t like beef too rare, so he was satisfied when he got home. (^_~)

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