Hot Pot on Cold Nights

13 & 14 December
Thursday & Friday

Pork Dumplings and Mung-Bean-Noodle Hot Pot, page 448
Nikudango to Ryokuto Harusame no Supu


This soup is great for the cold weather we’re having. The dumplings can also be made with a mixture of pork with chicken or shrimp, which I’ll definitely try. The dumplings are flavored with shoyu, scallion, ginger, garlic, and chopped coriander leaves. I don’t know if cilantro is commonly used in Japanese cooking. I haven’t seen it in other recipes.

Funny, but I’ve always thought cilantro smelled and tasted like cat p!ss. Recently we’ve been going to a Mexican place for tacos de lengua and they are THE BEST. They are even better than the ones I made last spring! The reason is: cilantro.

The meatballs are partially cooked in plain water so the chicken stock will remain clear when they are added. Other ingredients in the hot pot include dried shiitake mushrooms, carrot, Chinese cabbage, and long onion. Ms. Shimbo notes that mung-bean-noodles (ryokuto harusame) can be cooked a long time and still retain their shape and texture. Don’t use harusame (potato starch) noodles, and certainly do not use rice noodles.

I forgot that Mr. Tess goes to choir practice on Thursday evenings and this rehearsal was extra long for the big day on Sunday. So he ate when he got back, but I was too tired to wait. There was a lot left over, and this hot pot was excellent the second day with some added vegetables.


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