Mr. (Sweet) Potato Head!!!

mr. potatohead

Sunday, 23 December
Sweet Potato Cake, page 482
Yaki Satsuma-imo

I peeled two super-sized green Granny Smith apples and one normal sized red Rome apple. These cooked to a nice apple sauce with water, sugar and lemon. Ms. Shimbo’s recipe called for 4 Grannies.

The Japanese sweet potatoes were steamed soft and peeled. The recipe called for one 10 ounce sweet potato, but I’ve not found them so large. I think my three potatoes weighed about 14 ounces. Are they not beautiful?

making sweet potato cakes

I mashed the potatoes, and added the indicated 4 large egg yolks and 1/4 cup cream with some nutmeg. According to the recipe, the baker is supposed to pick up 3 tablespoons of the dough and shape it like a sweet potato. No matter how much I oiled my hands, no way would I be able to shape this dough! Remember, I used more sweet potatoes than the recipe called for?

Yaki Satsuma-imoMy little cakes were log-shaped blobs of dough. They were brushed with egg yolk and garnished with sesame seeds, then baked. Without flour or a leavening agent, they did not rise, but they were light and fragile. I would like to try this recipe again.

Yaki Satsuma-imoThe cookies/cakes were served with a bit of applesauce and garnished with mint leaves. Very pretty.

(Note: they were supposed to be black sesame seeds, but I only had white ones.)

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