Orange Teriyaki Chicken

Saturday, 29 December
Chicken Teriyaki with Orange, page 413
Tori no Teriyaki
Sweet Simmered Kabocha, page 247
Kabocha no Umani

This recipe makes a variation of Ms. Shimbo’s basic tare (page 77). “Teri” is the work for glossy, “yaki” is the word for grilling. The food, usually chicken, is basted with the sauce, then cooked so the sauce dries, or caramelizes, then basted again, and so on so when it’s finished, the meat is glazed and shiny. The basic sauce is simply mirin, sake, shoyu, and sugar. It’s cooked over low heat so it thickens and develops a caramelized flavor. For this recipe, I added some cloves and orange juice and further cooked the sauce. (See the details of this recipe)

The chicken in this case is cooked in a pan, part of the time covered and part of the time uncovered. The sauce thickens and clings to the chicken. Sorry for the poor picture. It was getting late.

kobacha simmeredorange teriyakiMs. Shimbo’s recipe includes braised Chinese cabbage and negi (long onion). Unfortunately, I discovered my vegetables had gone


in the fridge.

So, though the green color with the brown chicken would have been pretty, I made the kabocha simmered in a bath of dashi, sugar, mirin, salt, and shoyu. It’s a lovely dish, but made the meal just so brown and orange.

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