Duck Dumplings

Tuesday, 1 January, 2008 dinner
Consomme with Duck Dumplings, page 217
Kamo no Sumashi-jiru

My dumplings look rather artisanal, but they were delicious!

duck dumpling vegetablesI prepared spinach with a short boil, blanch, and drying. They were baby spinach leaves so there was no need to cut them. I found some very beautiful red carrots and thought, red is a lucky color so they would be great to eat on New Year’s Day. They were julienned and quickly cooked. I tried burdock root early in this project and found it not to my taste, and have been using substitutes that Ms. Shimbo suggests. I gave it another chance; even julienned and cooked extra long it still tastes like wood, fiber and all.

duck dumplingsThough I have a suribachi, I used a food processor to chop the boneless, skinless duck breast with a small amount of cod. I think the fish is meant to act as a binder; it did not add a fishy flavor. Then I added, one at a time, Saikyo miso, salt, sugar, potato starch, egg white, a little dashi, and sesame oil. This resulted in a mixture much softer than gefilte fish, so I used a large spoon and a spatula to drop the dumplings into boiling water. I was not able to master the technique Ms. Shimbo describes using a ladle and spoon. I made 6 smaller dumplings rather than the 4 large ones in the recipe. The dumplings are cooked only until they firm up on the outside; they could be held until later at this point.

Kamo no Sumashi-jiru

The dumplings finish cooking in a dashi broth seasoned with salt and shoyu. They were served with the consume and the three vegetables on top.

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