leftover ramen

If you live near a restaurant that serves good ramen, you are very lucky.

shoyu ramen

Making ramen at home really is a lot of work; but the time spent stock-making and chashu-making means I have lots of potential in the freezer
for new incarnations of ramen.

shoyu ramen

I am very pleased that the shoyu ramen I made a couple of days ago made enough for four—we ate a lot that night, but there was plenty left to have myself
a quick and fresh meal last night.
Once the stock is made, ramen is a swimmingly easy meal!

ramen fish

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2 thoughts on “leftover ramen

  1. Lucy,
    Yes, I buy instant ramen sometimes. And we have udon and soba sometimes.

    But a few days before this post, I made the stock, chashu, menma, and ninniku-dare myself—no pre-made mixes or bottles. There was enough to have it again as leftovers, so this time it was quick and easy. >^-^<

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