August Recipes

August was hot. Light, cool, and quick Japanese recipes were on the menu, as were some surprises…

Teriyaki Chicken and Asparagus RollsTeriyaki Chicken and Asparagus Rolls
These were so good, I made them twice!
We had some lovely tomatoes from the garden.


Corn Kanten or Maize Agar AgarMaize Gelée
Another agar-agar experiment: these were good,
though I was hoping for a savory dish
and the corn made it very sweet.


Japanese Grilled Chicken SkewersYakitori: Negima
It’s difficult to make a nice picture of meat on a stick!
Nevermind, they tasted great.
My yakitori basting sauce is getting a nice smoky flavor.

spicy stir-fried fennel and carrotsSpicy Stir-Fried Fennel and Carrot
Fennel—very un-Japanese,
but cooked in a Japanese way. Interesting.
I served this with a very convenient make-ahead recipe that is
perfect for summer: Tori Nambon Zuke

Hiyashi Chuka Soba Japanese Summer Ramen

Hiyashi Chuka-Soba
My favorite recipe of the month!
Love the sauce, love the versatility,
could eat it everyday, in every way!!l

Colorful Tofu Omelette

Tofu Omelette with Colorful Vegetables
This is one of the “surprise recipes;” I did not expect to like it,
but it is very nice, light and satisfying.


Japanese Tomato Eggplant SaladChilled Eggplant and Tomato Salad
Steaming eggplant is a great way to cook it. I made another recipe, similar to this and found it’s unnecessary to peel Japanese eggplants.
This was the beginning of the deer eating our garden.
They don’t seem to like tomatoes, but they knock them off before they are ripe.


Blueberry Kanten, Japanese DessertBlueberry Gems
More fun with agar-agar.
These were very pretty and fun to eat.


Yakitori Sasami no Ume ShisoYakitori: Sasami no Ume-shiso
Delicious chicken, but fussy preparation—there has to be an easier way to roll these. I tried a different way last night, but it was still labor intensive. The shiso and ume are a wonderful combination,
so I’ll try again!

Tess at age 3!.
A Nice Surprise: When I Was Three

Surprised by memories!


Hiyashi Chuka Soba with ShrimpMore Beautiful Hiyashi Chuka-Soba

It’s hard to believe
that I’d never eaten this
before this summer!
How could it have been a secret for so long?


Japanese Black Sesame DressingBlack Sesame Dressing
This is a classic Japanese sauce for lightly cooked vegetables.
My picture does not do justice:
The black color is very striking and dramatic.
If you like the flavor of sesame, you’ll love this!


Miso Marinated PorkA Variation of Miso Marinated Steak
PLUS Some Really Wonderful Simple Stir-Fried Rice!

Miso marinated steak is delicious, but so is pork loin.
That was a surprise, but the shiso stir-fried rice is still
a very pleasant food memory.

Very cool model ship.

Conveying Sushi Wow!
I’ve read about conveyor belt sushi in Japan,
but it’s truly a surprise to find such a restaurant in Ann Arbor!


Birthday RamenFifty Years of Instant Ramen!

When did you first eat instant ramen?


Koya-dofu Freeze-Dried Package FrontStir-Fried Freeze-Dried Tofu
make a Japanese meal with pantry stable ingredients!


chikin raisu Japanese stir-fried rice and chickenChiken Raisu
will surprise you!
Well, it surprised me—I did not expect to like it, but it was GOOD!


California Style Maki Rolls with CrabSushi Rice

I’ll be adding this recipe to the “Basic Recipes” page.


California Style Maki Rolls with CrabInside-Out Maki
otherwise known as California style sushi
Some success, some failure, some advice…
take a look!


Mitsumame: A Japanese Summertime Treat
I’d put off trying this recipe based on a sugar-flavored agar-agar with syrup and fruit and sweet “red peas.” Ms. Shimbo’s recipe is a delicious surprise. Ice cream, “ice cubes” that don’t melt, fresh ripe fruit—what is not to like!

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Mitsumame! Japan’s Summertime Sweet Of Work, a Test, and Onions

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