Testing More Recipes

After the very tasty and successful Garlic Noodles,
I’ve tested a couple of more recipes for Jadin at Steamy Kitchen.
She is writing her first cookbook, called Steamy Kitchen’s Modern Asian
to be released Fall ‘09, published by Periplus/Tuttle.
If the recipes I’ve tested so far are any indication,
this is going to be a wonderful cookbook
full of delicious, quick and easy recipes.
She may still be looking for recipe testers so if you are interested,
take a peak at the requirements.

To tempt you, I present:
Sister-in-Law’s Adobo Chicken
which tasted so absolutely amazing that no one would believe how easy it was to make.
Chicken AdoboChicken Adobo
Rice SoupRice Soup
And Rice Soup
which despite it’s straightforward name, was both flavorful and very satisfying.

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