Updating “Essential Ingredients” Page!

Japanese Mustard PowderTonkatsu SauceKoya-dofu Freeze-Dried Package FrontYama Imo Japanese Mountain Yam

When I started this blog, a page with ingredients essential to Japanese cooking seemed like a terriffic idea. Good intentions, anyway! And now, I’ve begun to add pictures of some of those exotic unfamiliar foods. It is an ongoing project but the plan is to take pictures as I use them in upcoming recipes. I’ll be adding some notes and descriptions as time allows.

saikyo misoSoba Noodles and Packagehaccho misoJapanese Cake Floursoba dough ingredientsLotus Root Renkon

kombu packagedried persimmonInstant Udon NoodlesSesame Seeds Goma

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Ginger Soy Milk Panna Cotta Soba Sushi

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