Fall Trees

Was this the last warm day this year…

Walnut tree and grape vine

to lie on the grass
and look at the sky…

Sky Surrounded by Walnut and Elms

but it was beautiful.

Yellow leave on walnut tree

The very next day
rain and wind blew all the colored leaves away.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Trees

  1. But are you not experiencing spring?
    Though maybe I understand—spring seems so much sadder and equally as ephemeral as autumn.

    BTW—I edited the first picture so you can see a larger version.
    Not that the composite looks more focused.

  2. I know the grass is always greener, but I am very envious of your rain and wind! Well, I guess it’s been windy in Southern California, but it has been really unfortunate because it caused the fires to spread so quickly. Anyway, thank you for the photos of the leaves. There are some dead leaves in my neighborhood, but not in such gorgeous hues!

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