Warnings about the first hard frost forced us out to the garden to salvage a bagful of green tomatoes—our largest harvest of the year, thanks to the woodchucks and deer. Next spring we’ll have defenses. Or de fences. Perhaps I’ll make some pickles.

I’d spent the day learning to edit video to make some simple how-to clips for the work. Stress and cold weather left me wanting simple comfort food.

Kanitama-don came to mind. I was surprised that I liked this dish so much because omelettes are not my favorite, and there I was craving it. Alas, I had no crab, but it seemed shrimp would do. I chopped them up, picked some garlic chives from the garden, and found a can of waterchestnuts for crunch.

Then I realized that some of the clips I shot were wrong and thoght: things are set up; it won’t take long to re-do…

Suddenly, it was 9 o’clock!! To save time I cooked all the mixture as one omelette and served the rice on the side. Not quite a traditional rice bowl, but another good meal.

4 thoughts on “Ebitama-don

  1. I never had pickled green tomatoes until a few months ago. I was at an old school deli and they had tomatoes with their complimentary pickles. At first bite, I thought they were a bit weird, but then they got addictively delicious and I polished most of them off! I think they’d be great alongside a bloody Mary. I hope you do something fabulous with your stash o’ tomatoes!

  2. Oh my Gawd!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what I hate about your site? I always leave starving!!!

    Green tomatoes are wonderful – I use it for Italian, Afrikaans and Cape Malay food but pickled? Never.
    Unless, of course, you pickle is my atjar :) …………

  3. Oh yes, I need to change my details but I am so tired from the move that I can’t figure out where to do it on your site. Please help me.

    I’ve moved from wordpress to my own .com and I notice my details are wrong ….. help!!!

    Have a super day.

  4. I got your info updated on my site. I don’t know atjar? and what do you do with green tomatoes? At any rate, I’ve made the pickles. They’re supposed to sit for some weeks, so I don’t know how they are, but in the past they’ve been good. I’ve been so obsessed with work this last little while…

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