Lobster Gyoza!

Lobster gyoza, harrrahh!

Lobster Gyoza

When you are only cooking for one, you don’t need to make a million gyoza. And if you buy the wrappers you save hours and hours.

Lobster Gyoza

When Mr. Tess is out of town, I have trouble sleeping for a few days because I tend to ignore bedtime, because I take a nap in the evening. Then I’m hungry, but I’m only cooking for myself so it’s usually a bowl of pasta with garlic, butter, and cheese (sardines are good, too, but don’t tell). Then I don’t want to sleep. If I turn off all the lights, I hear noises: the pump pushing water through the radiators, a squirrel on the roof (I hope squirrels—one time he was away, it was skunks in the crawl-space), neighbors slamming car doors, sirens, unknown sounds… It’s too dark all by myself.

Lobster Gyoza

As for lobster gyoza? It is, after all, very like a bowl of pasta, but luxurious. And I did have some healthy veg yesterday… I’ll be working on a real recipe for this: it definitely has possibilities as a great “welcome home” dinner…

Lobster Gyoza

Notes on what I cooked:
for 18 gyoza
about 1/2 cup cooked lobster meat (claw and other meat besides the tail, which I used for chawan-mushi and snacked on some very pleasurably)
about 1/2 cup canned crab—I thought there was another package of shrimp in the freezer, but no.
some minced garlic chives (Chinese chives), about 1 Tablespoon
about 1 Tablespoon minced green onions, green part
about 1 Tablespoon butter, melted
a squeeze of lemon juice
about 1/2 egg, beaten
salt and pepper
18 gyoza wrappers
Mix all this together, except for the gyoza wrappers. Fill and seal as for gyoza. Recipe with more detailed instructions here. Cook as directed in the linked recipe.


Lobster Gyoza

Thoughts about making this better:
Canned crab is not very tasty. The gyoza lost some flavorful liquid as they cooked—the egg was not a great binder: some neutral flavored fish (cod? tilapia?) processed in the Cuisinart would work better. Use a dipping sauce with less soy and more citrus. A bit of mirin, either in the filling or in the sauce would be nice.

Lobster Gyoza

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2 thoughts on “Lobster Gyoza!

  1. How decadent, yet a great way to make that lobster stretch! :) I am tempted occasionally by canned crab, but have to firmly remind myself to move on and find something else in the store (maybe it’s just me, but sometimes when I’m wandering the aisles indecisively, I get some strange ideas about what to throw in my basket).

  2. Canned crab is good for making crab cakes, or you can mix it with canned salmon and make “burgers” with it. I’m not sure why I had it because I haven’t made those for years!
    It is funny what gets into the shopping cart! I must have been thinking about Mr. Tess’s mom who used to make them.

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