Cooking Japanese in October

The meals in October were all delicious, but there were not so many Japanese dinners. Yom Kippur, though a day of fasting, called for some traditional foods. I took on some projects at work that preoccupied my energy, so we ate many “toss it toward the stove” dinners, and take-out ready to eat food. It remains to be seen what a Japanese Thanksgiving dinner will look like!

•• recipes from OctoberMy name in Hebrew
Traveling the world through food:
we had gefilte fish made with salmon and cooked in dashi,
a wonderful lemony meatball soup from Greece,
and a Japanese salad with a tofu-sesame dressing
called shira-ae, which means
“Dressed in White.”
how poetic
Preparing for the Yom Kippur fast, I made the Jewish gyoza: kreplach. There are an amazing number of cuisines which have dough wrapped dumplings, and I’d love to taste all of them!


To break the fast I prepared a dairy meal for Mr. Tess.
I made a delicious, but very un-Japanese spinach and cheese strata


and for dessert,
cheese blintzes with apple, apricot, and golden raisin sauce


Abura age pizza is a Japanese snack or appetizer to eat with beer. This is a recipe open to variations. You could fill the pockets with many different things. Abura-age keeps well in the freezer so you always have snack potential on hand.


Hoshi Shiitake Sûpu: Dried Shiitake Mushroom Soup
This is a delicious soup, made with home-made chicken stock.


The panographies of the yellow walnut trees did prove to be the last warm day this autumn. I almost didn’t take the pictures, and if I’d waited even one day, I would have missed the beauty...

Classic Japanese salt-grilled fish is a fast and delicious meal.
I steamed kabacha squash and browned it in butter.


To accompany the fish, I stir-fried cold rice with herbs and butter—a recipe I’ve mentioned before, and now it has a post of its own. It’s delicious and quick.


Miso-Marinated Beef in an Egg-White Jacket has a poetic name, and pretty presentation. Though it involves deep-frying, this recipe is definitely worth trying. I wish I’d made a better job of taking the pictures.

Tosazu: Bonito-Flavored Rice Vinegar Dressing was a very nice dipping sauce for the beef strips. Just perfect.

Kanitama-don made with shimp is ebitama-don! It’s an omelette made with shrimp and served on top of rice. Japanese comfort food but it is reminiscent of egg fu young!


Spicy Zucchini and Carrot Stir-Fry is an example of using a vegetable not usually found in Japan, can be cooked in a Japanese way. The original recipe uses fennel, but I had a nice zuchini! Why not?

Chawan-mushi, made with lobster. What can I say: decadent and delicious.
Mr. Tess is working in Florida for several weeks, so I’m cooking for one. Not so much fun. When he mentioned eating at a seafood restaurant the other day, I immediately got a craving for lobster.

I didn’t use all the lobster, making the chawan mushi, because what I really craved was lobster gyoza. Not that I have a recipe. This experiment was moderately successful and definitely worth working on.

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Lobster Gyoza! Stir-Fried Chinese Chives and Liver

One thought on “Cooking Japanese in October

  1. Tess, you’ve been sooo busy while I’ve been away! Mr Tess must be loving your project (may it never end!) Looking through these makes me very hungry. Lobster chawan mushi!! And lobster gyoza…sigh

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