Cilantro Tamale, Naples Florida

It’s wonderful to eat al fresco at this time of year!

Cilantro Tamale Restaurant, Naples, Fl.

Usually, on the evening before Thanksgiving, I’d be wrestling a turkey into submission: I like to cut a smallish (10 pounds or smaller) bird to grill the breasts and then make dindonneau au vin with the dark meat. In the last several years there have been only the two of us for the holiday meal, so we light the grill and attempt to smoke/slow cook the white meat. It’s usually very cold outside, and the grill doesn’t cook the meat to a safe temperature, so it gets finished (usually later than planned) in the oven. We have dressing, potatoes, gravy, trimmings traditional, and sandwiches with the leftovers for days. The dark meat and back bones go into the slow-cooker with bacon, carrots, and onions to braise in red wine. This stew freezes beautifully and we can eat turkey several times without getting tired of it!

Cilantro Tamale menu-with-fairy-lights

Last night, we ate some very good Mexican food. Outside. Under fairy lights.
Some very crispy tortillas and sauces kept us from starving while we ordered. Excellent!

Cilantro Tamale tortillas and dip

Mr. Tess ordered a “Mexican Rice Bowl” with shredded beef, layered in a crispy tortilla bowl with rice and beans, topped with pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. We were curious about the tamales for which the restaurant is named, so Mr. Tess also ordered a “Cilantro Tamale.”

Cilantro Tamale Mexican Rice Bowl

I’ve been craving fish tacos, so that was my choice. And I also had a pork tamal. Pictures of my food were not pretty, but suffice it to say the servings were generous and our eyes (on the menu) were bigger than our stomachs. I asked for corn tortillas, and while they were tasty, they were far from as delicate as our favorite Mexican place back home. I picture fish tacos as managable sandwiches, but these were more like two huge salads, and the fish played a very subordinate role. The tamales were also gigantic! Delicious, but very much of a good thing.

Cilantro Tamale Restaurant, Naples, Fl

Nonetheless, we very much enjoyed our meal. With plenty of leftovers in the fridge.
No starving today: we’ll be going to an Itallian restaurant with sushi this evening!

Cilantro Tamale Restaurant, Naples, Fl

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