Kelly’s Fish House Diningroom

Kelly's Fish House Dining Room Naples Florida

Click here for a little history of Naples, Florida; and a well written review of the restaurant.

Kelly’s Fish House Dining Room
1302 5th Avenue South
Naples, Fl, 34102
(U.S. 41 E. at Gordon River Bridge)
Phone: 239-774-0494
Established in 1952,
Naples’ oldest seafood restaurant.
Fresh seafood arrives daily:
shrimp, oysters, snapper, lobster, pompano
and stone crabs, in season. Full wine list.
Offers homemade key lime pie
Ships fresh stone crab claws.
Excellent view of the Gordon River for
watching the boat traffic.

Kelly's Fish House Dining Room Naples FloridaKelly's Fish House Dining Room Naples FloridaKelly's Fish House Dining Room Naples Florida

Kelly’s Fish House is fun and casual.  The tables have glass tops which you can look inside to see pretty shells arranged on sand. The beams and columns are covered with shells. The window treatments are fish nets. There are some lamps made out of large shells. The bar area is open to the river.

Kelly's Fish House DiningroomKelly's Fish House DiningroomKelly's Fish House Diningroom

We ordered some beer and our waitress brought a bowl of beautiful hush puppies. When Mr. Tess and I go out to eat, we rarely order the same food becuase it’s fun to taste more items on the menu, but this time, we both wanted the stone crab claws. Neither of us has had them before and they are a speciality of this restaurant. We both even ordered the cesar salad ’cause we both love anchovies. Check out the (gruesome) info about the claws on the menu above.

Kelly's Fish House DiningroomGorgeous!!!

Kelly's Fish House DiningroomKelly's Fish House Diningroom

You need tools to eat the crab!
And Key Lime Pie—an unusual version that’s really creamy and delicious.

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6 thoughts on “Kelly’s Fish House Diningroom

  1. These type of seafood places are so cute and relaxing. I haven’t been to Florida in years, but I sure loved those little no fuss restaurants with good food. That key lime pie is mile high!

    • Marie,
      I love those seafood places. I’d never had those stone crab legs before and the thought of them being cut off live crabs is sort of creepy. Apparently they grow back though. Anyway, I’d love to know a recipe for that pie! It was delicious and creamy and not like any other key lime pie I’ve had.

  2. That crab looks awesome…I really enjoy crab. Hmmm…All those food pictures made me hungry. I guess I’ll go grab another cinnamon roll…

  3. thank you for this review. I’m searching for good places to dine when I take my mom on vacation and this really helps! We definately going to Kelly’s for the stone crab :)

    • Also really, truly, don’t miss the key lime pie. I did not think I liked key lime pie, but it was wonderful.
      We had a very nice meal that evening.
      We were there in a sort of off-season, later than your average diner, but there was also a shop connected to the restaurant (same owners???) which was closed when we were there—they had all sorts of “shell art” if that is of interest to you.
      best wishes for your travels.

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