November Cooking and Playing

November was a busy month, but not so much for cooking from my project book. Mr. Tess had been working in Florida since before Halloween. That left me with only myself to cook for and that’s not a lot of fun. That’s also a long time to be apart; I managed to have Thanksgiving with him in Florida—and as long as I was there I stayed for two weeks, just relaxing. Stir-Fried Liver and Chinese Chives Stir-Fried Liver and Chives is a recipe that I’d put off making because of my childhood memories of chewy over-cooked organ meat.This recipe was a real surprise: a revelation of tender delicious-ness. Persimmon Pureee Gelatin Persimmon Purée Gelée is another of my experiments using kanten (agar-agar). The gelatin has a texture similar to the fruit itself, perhaps smoother and delicious with a little black current jelly on the side. Ramen with Stir-Fried Vegetables Ramen with Stir-Fried Vegetables is a recipe from The Japanese Kitchen. Ms. Shimbo notes that the cook can use seasonal varieties of her choice, being aware of how the colors and textures will mix. I’ve noted the vegetables that were seasonal in my refrigerator. It’s quick to make with home-made ramen stock from the freezer! Iwashi Kabayaki Iwashi no Kabayaki: Sardines in Sweet Shoyu Sauce is also a recipe from my project-book. There has been a shortage of eel this year, and this recipe will give youIwashi no Kabayaki: Sardines in Sweet Shoyu Sauce is also a recipe from my project-book. There has been a shortage of eel this year, and this recipe will give you your kabayaki fix! Home-Made Rice Crackers Edamame DipSnacks are often high in fat, salt, sugar, but these crackers are low in all three. And they are easy to make. It’s satisfying to cook something that people usually buy ready-made. These crackers are very crisp and have a nice sesame flavor.To serve with the crackers: a bright green edamame dip made with feta cheese and yogurt. Iwashi Gohan Sardines with Rice Iwashi Gohan: Sardine Rice
Rice is simply cooked with kombu, sake, miriin, and ginger. Top with thinly sliced green onions. Ginger Flavored Pan-Fried Pork Alr travel has not been luxurious for decades. These days it’s disgusting. To ease the pain, I made my old favorite: ginger-flavored pan-fried pork with toban jiang.Two weeks in Floriday, went by too quickly!  Relaxing, eating out, getting some beach time, nature time, reading… Hotel Elephant Kelly's Fish House DiningroomUSS Nemo Restaurant Naples, Florida Mr. Tess took this picture beach in Naples FloridaRoyal Terns
Shrimp, Peas, and Polenta Hey! I even managed to do a little cooking! Some nice big shrimp called my name and I made shrimp and peas with lime and butter. AND polenta with bleu cheese. Did you know that a microwave makes really good polenta!

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