Some Ingredients for Oden

Hanpen Simmered fish cakeHanpen: simmered or boiled fish cake
Found as frozen at Hillers, a product of Japan
This was hard to find. I was looking for a ball shaped dumpling. Even so, the first store we went to did not have it.
Ingredients: Pollack, water, egg white, potato starch, sugar, salt, rice wine, and some chemical stabilizers
This is a soft and fluffy snow white cake of puréed fish mixed with grated mountain yam (in this case: potato starch) and whipped to add air bubbles. The mixture is placed in a shallow square mold and simmered. From my book: “Biting into hanpen is like biting into a soft merigue.
It can be eaten in soups, broiled or simmered in stock. The package notes that it is ready to add to your salad.

HanpenHanpenHanpen in Oden

Satsuma AgeSatsuma-age: fried fish cakes, the size of ping-pong balls, or “Kushi Tenpura Fried Fish Balls”
Ingredients: Pollack, water, modified food starch, sugar, salt, sorbital, soy bean oil, sweet rice wine, dextrose, natural and artificial flavorings (inclucding bonito and MSG and other things)
The package says, “Ready to Eat!” but one should dip in boiling water to remove the excess oil from frying first. They are probably better warmed up. Maybe some mustard and shoyu as condiments.

Satsuma Age

Japanese Fish CakeIwashi Tsumire (Fried Fish Cake??—these do not look fried, so perhaps I was supposed to fry them???)
Ingredients: sardine, codfish starch(?!?), leek, carrot, sugar, soybean paste, MSG, potato starch.
Not sure if these are “ready to eat” or not. Note: there is a recipe in my study book to make these!!!

Japanese Fish Cake

Snacks, ’cause you’re hungry when you shop:
cookies made in Taiwan:

Taiwan Green Tea CakeTaiwan Green Tea Cake

strange, sort of like fig newtons, but not. odd mouth feel. but cheap and we were hungry!

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