December 2008 Recipe Summary

Happy Holidays! Because there were so many traditional American foods for the get-togethers this month, I made only a few Japanese meals. But they were all excellent!
Click on the pictures to see the recipes.
Kurimu Korokke Kurimu Korokke:
Creamy Croquettes
Jagaimo Manju Jagaimo Manju:
Crab Stuffed Potato Dumplings
Negima Nabe Tuna and Leek Hot Pot Negima Nabe:
Tuna and Leek Hot Pot
Tori to Kuri no Umani Tori to Kuri no Umani:
Simmered Autumn Chicken and Chestnuts
Satsuma Age Ingredients for Oden
Oden Japanese Hot Pot Oden:
Hot-Pot with Assorted Fish cakes
Kaisen Miso-shiru Kaisen Miso Shiru:
Seafood Miso Soup
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Seafood Miso Soup Toshikoshi Soba with Duck and Long Onions

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