Holidays End

Chinese Radish Flower
Chinese Radish Flower
Chinese Radish Flower
Chinese Radish Flower
Chinese Radish Flower

Aw well,
the holidays are really over
and it’s so so, so quiet here—just me and the cats again.
Mr. Tess is back to work in Virginia. And Miss Tralita, right this minute, is on a plane to Europe.

When kids are babies… toddlers… children, a mom thinks that it will last forever, but in fact we are always saying good-bye. Good riddance to sleepless nights and diapers, so-long to tantrums, cheers to providing rides to activities you don’t participate in. Hello to smiles and words, howdy to self-awareness, bonjour to new young friends. Hooray for the drivers license (hmm?). Hallelujah: college!!! Work, an apartment, a life, and independence!! Hers, mine, ours!

But in fact we are always saying good-bye. My daughter has her own life, and she’s flying far away. I have my life, and my father, his. My sister, my father, and my daughter went to a favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. As we took chairs around the table, my father looked around and commented that someone was missing. Yes, “Mr. Tess” has gone to work. We looked at the menus and made our choices. My father began to button up his jacket, and asked, “Did we lose Mum somewhere?” My sister reminded him that mum is gone, but this was her favorite restaurant. The waiter took our orders, and someone brought us tea. A progression of good-byes.

As I was driving back from the airport this afternoon, I kept thinking that I don’t expect farewells in my life. But today, t’s grey, snowing, and cold. And the house is very quiet.

Udon with tofu and vegetablesUdon with tofu and vegetablesUdon with tofu and vegetables

After the large lunch, Miss Tralita and I were not very hungry for dinner, so we had a stir-fry of crispy tofu and vegetables over udon in broth for dinner. Light, quick, and satisfying.

Miss Tralita texted me that she was upgraded to business class so I’m happy the flight will be more comfortable for her. I was even able to figure out how to text a reply to her! And I have to go back to work tomorrow, so my mood will be back to normal.

Chinese Cut Radish Flower

And just look at this beautiful carved daikon flower that decorated my plate at the restaurant!!!

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