Cooking Technique: Soups

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Soups: Suimono (Clear)
Suimono literally means “something to drink.” It is made with a deceptively simple formula: the best dashi, and usually 3 solid ingredients to lend flavor and color. This style of soup is associated more with formal banquets than home cooking–art rather than craft.
Clear Soup with Egg Flowers
. . .
Soups: Shirumono (Thick)
This category of soups is by farther the larger, and merges into nimono (simmered foods). These soups range from simple dashi and miso soups to others that are so full of meat, fish, or vegetables that they are like Western stews.
Chawan-Mushi Japanese Kabocha Squash Soup Japanese Oyster Chowder with Miso
Japanese Egg Custard
Bright Orange Kabocha Soup
Kabocha no Miso-shiru
Oyster and Miso Chowder
. . .
Chicken and Vegetable Miso Soup Dried Shiitake Mushroom Soup dango made with wheat flour
Chicken and Vegetable Miso Soup
Dried Shiitake Mushroom Soup
Hoshi Shiitake Sûpu
Dumpling Soup
Dango Jiro
. . .
Japanese Hawaiian dango Toshikoshi Soba with Duck Mochi Soup
Dumpling Soup
(Recipe Test)
Toshikoshi Noodles
with Long Onions
New Year’s Day Soup
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Miso Soup with Seafood  Ramu no Nikomi Hiroko-fu Kamo no Sumashi-jiru .
Seafood Miso Soup
Kaisen Miso-Shiru
Hiroko’s Lamb Stew
Ramu no Nikomi
Consumé with Duck Dumplings
Kamo no Sumashi-jiro
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Some Notes about Miso Soups
Miso soups can be made for breakfast, a stand-alone soup, or a full entree depending on what you add to the basic dashi stock and miso. The solid ingredients, or gu, are chosen to reflect the seasons and to provide contrasts of color, texture, and flavor. Consider also ingredients that float and those that sink. In summer, soup is usually made with darker, saltier miso, and in winter sweet white miso is more common. Note that you can adust the flavor of the soup by combining different misos.
Miso Soup with Baby Bamboo
Miso Soup with Baby Bamboo Shoots
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