Cooking Technique: Gyoza

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Noodles: Gyoza
Gyoza, the dumplings made with folded circles of dough filled with ground meat and vegetables, came to Japan from China. They are nicknamed pot-stickers because in Japan, they are fried. The legend is that servants of a wealthy family had to eat cold leftover dumplings. Instead of re-steaming or boiling them, they heated them in pans. The dumplings have a pleasant crisp texture and flavor.
Gyoza Hot Pot gyoza frying in a pan gyoza close up picture
Japanese Pot-Stickers
in Hot Pot
Japanese Pot-Stickers
the gyoza
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Frying gyoza Pork and Wakame Gyoza Kreplach for Yom Kippur
Frying the
Pork and Wakame
Jewish Gyoza
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Lobster Gyoza aa aaa
Lobster Gyoza bb bbb
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