Cooking Technique: Deep Frying

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Deep Frying: Agemono

Deep-frying was introduced to Japan by the Chinese and Europeans and they have elevated the technique to an art. Foods for deep-frying should be as dry as possible to prevent spattering of the hot oil. Most foods are seasoned by salting or marinating before frying. Tempura foods are usually not seasoned and flavor is enhanced by a dipping sauce. Some deep fried foods are put into individual bowls and then covered with a hot light sauce just before serving. Other fried foods are garnished merely with a wedge of lemon at the side of the plate.

Su-age, or “naked frying” is not suitable for foods that are soft or watery. Foods whose color and shape would be masked by a coating are often fried this way: small fish, sliced lotus root, sweet potatoes, small eggplants.
Kara-age, or “without batter” (originally “Chinese frying” but kara also means “empty”) is applied to food that is dusted in flour, kuzu starch, potato starch, or cornstarch. The flavor of the food is not markedly changed by the hot oil because the thin coating seals the surface. After dredging, shake off excess coating, and let the food rest for a while to allow the coating to set. Suitable foods for this technique: flatfish, chicken, and tofu.
Koromo-age, or “batter frying.” For the batter to be light, it is loosely mixed and lumpy—the act of dipping completes the mixing! The most typical example of this method is tempura.

Japanese Potato and Beef Croquettes Lotus Root and Sweet Potato Crisps Kushikatsu Fried Pork and Onion Skewers
Potato and Beef Croquettes
Lotus Root and Sweet Potato Crisps Kushikatsu
Fried Pork and Onion Skewers
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Almond Fried Chicken crisp fried tofu with garlic tsukemono Crispy Mung Bean Noodle Chicken
Almond Fried Chicken Crisp Tofu Cubes
in Tempura Sauce
Agedashi Dofu
Chicken Breast Fillets in a Crust of Mung-Bean Noodles
Tori Sasami Harusame-age
f ff fff
Japanese Sweet and Sour Pork Miso Marinated Steak in Egg-White Jackets Kurimu Korokke
Sweet-and-Sour Braised Pork with Pickled Plums
Buta no Ama-umeni
Miso-Marinated Beef in an Egg-White Jacket
Gyuniku no Ranpaku-age
Kurimu Korokke
Creamy Croquettes
c cc ccc
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