Buffalo Chicken Wings

Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered.
(~ William Shakespeare, Cymbeline. Act IV, scene iii)

Yes, I plan menus to advance my study of Japanese cooking. That work and life occasionally obstruct the effort is understandable. But this past week, a couple of unintended events resulted in straying from the path of good intentions.
To make the delicious Braised Pork and Chinese Cabbage, I had to dig deep into the freezer to find the pork loin that I purchased, and sliced thinly, some while ago. In the search, I took out  a number of mysterious and no longer recognizable packages of comestibles before I found the necessary package of pork. It was several hours later, clearing up after the meal that I realized that there was a package of chicken wings left out of the freezer, almost thawed.

Mr. Tess made us some very fine “Buffalo Chicken Wings!”
(never had them before, not health food, but delicious—what’s not to like about crispy chicken skin, hot sauce, and bleu cheese?)

Buffalo Wings
The other unintended parcel from that lucky boat was a bit more unusual:
Mr. Tess was grocery shopping, and what did he find but a tongue?

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