Tori Zōsui Pancakes

The tori zōsui (rice consommé with chicken) that I made the other day was really a lot of food for one person to eat! By the time I ate some of the leftovers, the rice had absorbed most of the liquid. It looked like risotto, and could be mounded on a flat plate.

zosui risotto

Last night, I wanted something different to eat so I thought about the risotto pancakes that Mr. Tess has made. I’m not sure if he adds an egg to the leftover risotto or not? I didn’t.

Japanese Fishermen's Stew

I heated my cast iron frying pan and added some oil. When it was hot, I scooped a large spoonful of the rice into a ball and dropped it in. I flattened the ball and fried it. I kept a close eye on it, and used a spatula to check how the hot side was looking. It seemed to be stuck to the pan, so I forced the spatula under it to move the pancake. It fell apart.

tori zosui pancake

The second try worked better because I ignored it while feeding the cats. I put it into the hot oiled pan, flattened it, and turned the heat down to medium. No fooling around lifting the edges with a spatula to see how brown it was getting. It got quite brown and it flipped easily. I ended up with 3 nice pancakes and a moosh. Garnished with Chinese celery and la-yu chili oil.

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2 thoughts on “Tori Zōsui Pancakes

    • I had to Google ‘arancini’ and my goodness don’t they look delicious!

      Serendipity comes into play: I saw on the tag surfer yesterday someone using leftover regular rice (maybe with an egg added?) made into balls with cheese inside, rolled in cornmeal and deep-fried! Can’t find it now, though.

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