Since the last mountain of snow melted, my backyard has been brown and dull, and despite the early Daylight Savings Time change I felt as though winter would never end. Suddenly these crocuses popped up! There is little bit of color, and I feel lighter and brighter. And Mr. Tess’s work in Virginia is almost finished and he’ll be home soon. It’s
a change of seasons, a change of circumstances…Crocus Flowers

What’s good once, is good twice: a lesson learned by cooking for just myself for so much of the last five months. At first, my inclination was to eat snacks rather than meals, but the novelty soon wore thin. I found myself craving a satisfying and wholesome plate of real food. Cooking for one makes as much mess as preparing a comunal meal, and my dishwasher was in Florida, and then Virginia. So most of the recipes I’ve written about have the virtue of being good once, twice, or even thrice, re-heatable, or eat-able at room temperature.

Bite Sized Tonkatsu

I’d been skeptical about the bite-sized tonkatsu being good at room temperature, but in fact they were! Of course one loves deep-fried food hot and crispy, but through the magic of panko these pretty spirals were still crunchy and enjoyable. I’d packed this meal to take to work, but in the morning, fresh pineapple and cottage cheese appealed to me so this was dinner in front of my Mac.

Click on the pictures to read the recipes:

Lobster Gyoza Chawan-Mushi Japanese Shrimp Omelette Rice Bowl

Lobster Gyoza
Can be frozen or


Chawan Mushi
Good at room

Shrimp Omelette
Rice Bowl
Quick and easy to make

Ginger Flavored Pan-Fried Pork

Edamame Dip Home-Made Rice Crackers
Ginger Pan-Fried Pork
Took this to Florida
Edamame Dip
A healthy snack!
Crispy Rice Crackers
Crisp for a week
Nira-reba Itame Japanese Crab Croquettes Tori-Nabe
Nira-reba Itame
Can be reheated.
Crab Croquettes
Just plain tasty
Chicken Hot-Pot
Soup is always good
Moffles Mochi Waffles Tori Zosui Japanese Rice Soup Butaniku to Hakusai no Kasane-ni
Quick light lunch
Tori Zosui
Easy to make
into different meals
Japanese Braised Pork
Rich and reheatable

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Hito Kuchi Tonkatsu: Bite-Sized Pork Cutlets Chilled Somen with Mushrooms

2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Oh, spring flowers. I’m so envious. We stil have plenty of snow on the ground, despite warmer days and even rain. I really must move back to a more civilized climate.

    Your cooking, as always, is a joy to see. I have got to try some of these dishes soon. You’ve really inspired me!

    • Hi Ella,

      Yes, I was surprised to see them. The day before there was no sign of them, and suddenly they appeared. Usually I see the leaves first, but that section of the garden has been rather untended so the dead grass must have been hiding them.

      You challenge is giving me the discipline to actually eat some of the food in my freezer! Thanks!!

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