Scrolling Along

Miso RamenBeef Tongue StewHijiki GohanMung Bean Noodle Soup with MeatballsokonomiyakeBlack as WhiteCold Somen with ShrimpMiso Marinated LambAsparagus with Mustard Dressing 
Connect with some of the recipes I’ve made recently by clicking on the pictures above or below. At la casa tessa, we have enjoyed some good food and I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, or even cooking some of the recipes.
Deep-Fried Steak and OnionsSomen with Simmered MushroomsSecond HelpingBite Sized TonkatsuDeep Fried SenbeiSenbai Japanese CrackersDaizu Hamasu Soybean HummusStir Fried Rice and KikurageTanuki Jiru 

Learn how to make a scrolling bar!


4 thoughts on “Scrolling Along

  1. If the recipe was for a horizontal scrollbox, you shouldn’t have added the “height:320px;” ingredient. Instead, add a space after the closing of image code 9 and 18. (Then you should be able to remove the racist browser alert!)

  2. Delicious, delicious!

    And a little while ago I realized I told you you shouldn’t have added the height while I should have said that to myself…

    • goes to show how not well I follow instructions… it’s a fun toy, though scroll bars can be annoying.

      The vertical version might be practical once I get my categories sorted and can get rid of the 2 category wigets filling my sidebar.

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