Crab Sushi

Crab Sushi RollI wanted to use the container of crab in my fridge before the start of Passover. What would be simpler than to make sushi? Nice crab, some chopped fresh dill, and vinegared rice!
Crab Sushi Roll
Years ago, I used to make thin rolls (nori-maki) to bring to parties—in my Shizui Tsuji book there are some pages from Gourmet magazine, September 1980!  But I made a muddle of making the inside-out roll, and have been a bit fearful of trying it again. I admit that is’s odd for a blog about Japanese cooking not to have more than one or two posts about sushi.

Crab Sushi Roll with DillSushi originated  as a way of preserving very fresh fish by salting it and allowing it to mature on a bed of vinegared rice. Before long, the fish was eaten with the rice, and different kinds of fish were used. Various methods of serving the fish and rice developed, including nigiri-zushi (hand-shaped), oshi-zushi (pressed), and maki-zushi (rolled). In homes, many people make chirashi-zushi  or maze-zuushi (scattered  or mixed sushi). The common ingredient is vinegared rice.Crab Sushi Roll
And it was the rice that I failed to make properly. I don’t know how it happened, but my rice was overcooked. Soft, not chewy. It was edible, but not a dish to bring to a party. I can’t make a pie crust either…

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2 thoughts on “Crab Sushi

  1. Crab sushi sounds so perfect for little party bites! Although, I would probably have to chant to myself, “be-polite-don’t-eat-them-all!” By the way, one of my cooking goals for the year is to make pie crust! Ha! Here’s hoping…

    • The good thing with making your own sushi is that you can makes lots of it—enough even to share!
      My husband can make a pie crust from just about any recipe, no problem. Me? No! I went through a phase of making a different pie every week to learn, and finally got to be okay with them, but that was a while ago and I’ve lost the touch again…

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