Japanese Ingredients (basic)

Starred items are really basic. Others are sort of basic. Some items are absent due to pilot error.

basic stock:
*Kombu (kelp) Shirakiku brand
*Katusuobushi (bonito flakes)
*Hoshi Shiitake  (dried mushrooms, usually from China, unfortunately cause I usually get them at the Korean store), if you want to make vegetarian stock

*Kokuho Rose (regular short-grain white Japanese rice)
Tamaki Haiga rice with its germ Williams Rice Milling Co.

*Komezu (Rice Vinegar)
*Mirin (Sweet Rice Wine) try to find a variety with alcohol
Saikyo (sweet white miso)
Akamiso (red miso)
Haccho (dark red miso)


Goma (Sesame Seeds)
*Goma Abura (Sesame Oil)
nerigoma sesame paste, similar to tahini but ground with the hulls on the seeds. sub toasted sesame seed tahinni

Nori, for onigiri, sushi and decoration

Thickeners, or coatings for frying
Katakuriko (Potato Starch)
—Kuzuko (arrowroot starch)
—Kon Stachi (cornstarch)
—Panko (miracle Japanese bread crumbs)

umeboshi (pickled plums)

Akatogarashi (Japanese dried red chili peppers, 1 to 2 inches long, imported from various)
also powdered called ichimi togarashi S&B brand=red
Shichimi Togarashi (seven-spice powder S&B brand=orange)
———-Sancho (Japanese pepper, sort of related to Szechuan pepper=green)
Toban Jiang (chile-bean sauce Youki brand, Shisen Toban Jan, dist. by Daiei Trading Co. Inc.)
Karashi (mustard powder Oriental Hot Mustard S&B brand)
Curry powder, S&B brand
LaYu brand sesame oil with chili

—Fresh foods:
Shiso, easy to grow=seeds a must!!! many varieties
Negi Japanese long onions that look like leeks, taste like green onions only more so
Kinome: spring leaves of the sansho pepper, I’ve never found them but they look pretty
shoga: ginger
myoga ginger: related to ginger, but milder and smaller, and it’s the buds not the rhizome you eat, found it once, but it was not fresh
ume: the green apricot (plum) that is used to make umeboshi and umeshu (plum wine)

love of my life: many many many ???? list some in future

Konnyaku, shriratake yam noodles, and other variations

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