Side by Side

I’m not sure when my husband bought the album Somebody Else’s Troubles; it may have been before we met—but we still have it (somewhere), though I don’t suppose our record player works anymore. It’s been years since I’ve thought of this song, The Dutchman. It used to make me cry to think about how much love Margaret had for the Dutchman, even after so many years. I was very young then, and thought that sort of love was extraordinary.
(note that neither version in the videos is the one I love)
We’ve now been married for many years, and my perspective is different. I’m an unusual looking woman, but he only sees that sometimes…
No, that’s not what I mean. He took care of me when I couldn’t walk for months after I broke my ankle, we were there for each other when our mothers died, he brings me coffee every morning, I usually make dinner, he builds me a raised bed when the walnut trees kill my tomatoes, he builds a fence around that bed when the animals eat the garden…
My father has been slowly forgetting, sometimes he goes out and doesn’t know where he is. My sister takes care of him… And she’s just had a bad biopsy…
I’m feeling much more afraid of getting old. And no doubt about it, I’m depressed. But I’m no longer certain that sort of love is extraordinary.

An apology to any of my readers who come to my blog hoping to find a new Japanese Recipe. I haven’t cooked much over this past week. I’ve only had the energy to finish those 2 posts started more than a week ago, about the garden. And they are mostly about html floats left and right and tables and attachment pages. And this post is because I wanted to experiment (and you can too!) with displaying 2 videos, side by side.

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12 thoughts on “Side by Side

  1. Oh, Tess, I’m sorry you’ve been depressed. I am too and I wish I could wave a magic wand for both of us.

    But…I know this song well and love it. My very favorite version is by Liam Clancy and the late Tommy Makem:

    Liam’s solo version is also good.

    I knew Tommy and have a tribute to him on my blog. I know Liam too and one of my fondest memories is wandering around Amsterdam during the Van Gogh retrospecitive with my Walkman and hearing the Dutchman, which I’d forgotten was on one of the tapes I cobbled together.

    I’d all but forgotten this song exists till now, so thank you.

    • Hey, ella!

      I’m not sure why I remembered this song!

      Thank you for those links! Very nice.
      (And I wonder why your comment went to moderation?)

      Ah, the Walkman: my first one was a gift from my mother-in-law. It was so amazing—played tapes in great stereo sound, and it was portable so I could pull weeds for hours. Got some sunburns as a result.

      Most important, I’m sorry to hear you are depressed, too. A magic wand would be just too miraculous and wonderful.

      Drugs sort of worked in the past. But… Really, I’m not crazy.

      I used to want to be “crazy” if you know what I mean?

      • Maybe it was the two links, if that’s how you have your settings for moderation?

        The Walkman was amazing. The only thing that topped it was hearing my first CD. I nearly plotzed. :)

        • The # of links was it!

          Oh yes, the first CD’s.

          But I felt sort of bad because all the cassette albums I’d purchased, and the tape cassettes I’d custom made. There was a radio program out of Detroit with a really great host who played and commented on Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn and lots of jazz history… I suppose we still have the electronics to play the, but really, I never do.

  2. Tess I have just discovered your blog and it is a treasure! I am learning so much from your wonderful pictures and lessons in Japanese cookery – I am so sorry you are having such a hard time – do rest and take care. Try and be around people who are gentle with you and people who can make you laugh. It’s a very difficult time to be in when people in your family are hurt. Talk about it if you can with friends – don’t suffer along alone.

    • Hi Blorgie!
      Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      I meant this as a positive post about all the love and caring I see in my life. But re-reading it now, I’ll admit that it’s not exactly uplifting.
      Great husband, wonderful sister…
      When I was depressed years ago, I talked willingly about it: it was like getting a cold—something that could be treated. I did not like the pills from my doctor, but I’m thinking it’s time…

      • Yes, trying not to leave it too late is something I have learnt over the past few years too. I think culturally we are conditioned to try and tough it out but sometimes it might be better to knock it on the head (depression that is) before it takes hold. Some people take medication for high blood pressure and some for depression. The main thing is to feel right, to feel well and able to do all the beautiful things you like to do – cooking, gardening, blogging and more.
        p.s I loved the pic of your husband cooking dinner in his blue t-shirt, silk tie and tea towel ensemble.
        p.p.s Your recipes have inspired some of my bentos on flickr and brought to life The Japanese Kitchen which I own too, so thank-you

        • That is right; and it’s only a little more embarassing than say, toe-nail fungus. Ha!

          I’m glad you have the book; the stories she includes with many of the recipes are interesting.

    • Hi SallyBR!!! Really nice to hear from you! Thanks, thanks for the hug.

      I have started to take the “magic mood” pills, but a few days is not enough to know if they will help.
      I’ve not yet run into the kitchen to make any elaborate Japanese meals (or much of any food)…
      Hey, I’ve been a quiet stranger over at CooksTalk for a while, but maybe a day in the corner with virtual chocolates and champagne would restore my outlook!


    • Hey Panos~

      I’m impressed; every single version!

      But really, I am impressed. This version, right from his introduction, is so gentle and unhurried that each scene described is almost visible. (Liam Clancy looks so young!) Thank you.

      I liked Steve Goodman, and the Malvasio fellow reminds me of a man we used to know, and this one is lovely.

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