Steamed Ginger-Flavored Fish


I made this dish while my daughter was visiting—the original recipe called for steaming a whole fish, but this time I used fillets as suggested by one of my commenting friends. My daughter had a craving for fish, especially flavored with ginger, so this recipe was perfect. To be honest, it was much easier to use fillets than than a whole fish: remember I live in the middle of the U.S. where whole fresh fish is expensive and not always of the best quality. Green beans are in season here now, and were blanched and added at the last in lieu of the broccoli of the original recipe.

When I first started this project, the procedure of blanching vegetables before further cooking seemed redundant, but I have learned that it is indeed a great way to preserve color and cook them to a good toothsome quality.

If you make this recipe using fillets, put one on top of the other—putting the ginger between the two like a sandwich— to make each serving thick enough to steam properly. Nevermind that the fillets curl and separate. I don’t know how to counter this problem. At any rate, the food is very nice.


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