Another Versatile Summer Recipe


Tori namban-zuke (chicken in spicy vinegar marinade) is another favorite of mine. This Portuguese-influenced recipe is very useful for your summer repertoire because it can be prepared ahead of time—in fact it will keep as long as five days in the refrigerator—and can be served hot or cold. Serve it hot, and include fried potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes, or cold on top of a green salad for Western-style meal. For a more Japanese-style meal, serve the chicken as one of the toppings for a dish of udon or soba noodles. Keep this recipe in mind for a picnic or potluck; the vinegar marinade makes it a relatively safe food to sit at room temperature.


The tomatoes in this picture are from our garden: the first!


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3 thoughts on “Another Versatile Summer Recipe

    • Yes, thighs are good. But if someone insists, breasts work as well. If you like spicy, don’t seed the peppers, but cut them into the rings.

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