Playing with Food


If you read many cooking blogs, you’ve seen pictures of food that look as though the photographer were in a galley of a small boat in a violent storm. I imagine the plate sliding up one side, down, and over in the opposite direction; oh, my stomach is queasy. It’s possible that no one will enjoy that food before it slides off the plate! All for the sake of “~art~”

These chilled noodles were light and refreshing,
and I’m sure you will enjoy…
eating them, and
my foray into ~art~



a queasy picture —> a repeating design


Chilled noodles are very popular during the hot humid summers in Japan.

Until recently, it’s been a pleasant sunny summer with comfortable temperatures (70° to 75°F ; 21° to 23° C), and very cool nights. Now it’s been up to 90° (23°C) and so humid that if it weren’t so hot, the fish could be walking around on land.

We have been eating variations of these cool and easy to make noodles. It’s too hot to cook! Here are a few recipes I’ve written about earlier on this blog:
Japanese Summertime Noodles, Beautiful Hiyashi, and Chilled Somen with Mushrooms. Do make those mushrooms! Excellent!



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New Tess’s Kitchen Hiyashi Nasu: Chilled Eggplant and Tomato Salad

5 thoughts on “Playing with Food

  1. Tess, I clicked on my old bookmark for your blog just out of habit, and the site popped up just as it was supposed to. I think I do prefer Firefox, but I did want you to know that it’s working on IE now, too.

    Beautiful and refreshing looking noodles. We need cooling and refreshing meals, since we’re in the middle of a heat wave, too. Still, it is what one should expect in August.


    • Oh, I’m glad to hear that! I have a very brilliant friend who figured out how to make my new blog look work in IE, Safari, and Firefox. Not quite what I wanted but ok. The way things look online is complicated.

      Do you like the robins’ egg background color?

      Anyway, Japanese noodles are very practical in hot weather! Our summer until now has been very temperate: warm enough, but not humid and sticky.

      Have you found glucose-free noodles that work for you?

      I’m beginning to wonder is some of my mood problem might be influenced by my eating gluten grains, or more likely dairy products?

  2. Your brilliant friend did it, whatever he or she did, and that’s a good thing.

    There are some perfectly delicious rice pastas (different from Thai rice noodles) out there as well as a quinoa pasta which I find at Whole Foods. I’m sure things can be ordered, too. I test allergic to wheat and not gluten, which makes things a little easier, but I’ve been considering eliminating gluten to see what happens. There are many undetected celiacs, and it won’t hurt, since gluten can cause numerous problems among those affected.

    It might be worth your while to do a bit of an elimination diet. It doesn’t take long, and I’d try cutting out gluten and then dairy. From things I’ve read, testing is not always accurate, but you can tell how you feel.


    • Not sure I’m ready yet…
      It would be a big step: pasta and cheese are so much of the food I like.
      I’m at a point where I’m beginning to wonder, but not ready to plunge in.

      I know myself. If I’m not committed to something, it won’t work.

  3. I forgot to comment on the robin egg blue color, but I like it very much.

    As for the elimination diet, it does require committment, there is no question, but please consider that it may not be for long, and that you may feel much better. That said, you will know when and if you are ready.


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