A2 Farmers’ Market


8 thoughts on “A2 Farmers’ Market

    • I’ve been thinking about how often I see gorgeous pictures of markets on various blogs, and about how I have taken many market pictures when I’ve travelled, but before now it hadn’t occurred to me to take play tourist in my own hometown!

      It could be that when one is traveling it is not convenient to buy fresh produce because there usually is no place to cook. But markets are so colorful, and they provide an impression of what it might be like to live in a place.

  1. You live in Ann Arbor?? I’ve been following your blog for over 6 months and somehow failed to notice this.
    I was born in A2 and lived there until last fall, when I finally left after 22 years and moved to Tokyo.
    It’s a small world….

    • Hey there!
      An “A-squared” townie!
      Huron or Pioneer? (or maybe even Community!)
      Anyway, nice to meet you!

      I like the “TEKITO (TEH-KEY-TOE)
      A Japanese word used to describe off-the-cuff or not particularly planned out action.” I don’t know any Japanese, but would be interested how to write that, if you could show me? I suspect it’s more apt for me than sisu…

      • I went to Pioneer and stuck around for my undergrad at UM’s business school.

        If you haven’t already been, Yamato, the little Japanese restaurant in Keritown is, in my opinion, far and away the best place for Japanese food in Ann Arbor. It’s run by an older Japanese couple (though they have hired some younger help from time to time recently), so the service can be a bit slow, but oh is it good. It absolutely blows away all the Korean-run “Japanese” restaurants on campus (Sushi.come, Totoro, Sadako, etc.)

        Tekito is written 適当, like in the header on my blog. 適 usually means “suitable” or “appropriate” and 当 means “to hit” or “to be equivalent”, so the combination roughly means “to be equivalent to what is suitable/appropriate”.

        • Thank you for the tip on Yamato. I’ll put it on my list…

          And thanks for the tekito characters. I don’t know what I’ll do with them. But I should have a button to link to my essential information pages, which are now buried in a widget way down on the bottom and only visible on my front page. That’s one draw-back of this new theme: I’ve covered the page link tabs with the header picture. It could be sort of like those Japanese t-shirts with nonsensical English words on them.

          With WordPress, we have to pay for an upgrade to change the appearance of most themes—which would be fine, but then I’d have to learn CSS and I don’t have time right now. Without my friend’s html trick, this theme would be all brown and grey.

          One more question, if you know: The Japanese words next to the recipe links in my sidebar came from Google translate. Do they make sense or am I displaying something really stupid!

  2. You’ve made me very homesick, no matter where I’ve lived the last few years (many places) no farmers market comes close to this one.

    • It’s small and big at the same time; you can get to know the vendors, but there is so much variety that it’s always interesting.

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