When you are on vacation, you should do something you wouldn’t do at home. For example, the sun rises every day but I never see it. I am not an early riser, but even if I were, the sun would have to rise without me: there are too many trees for me to see the eastern horizon from my house. I’m thinking that the absence of trees is why one sees so very many sunset/sunrise pictures over lakes or oceans.

I’m on vacation for a few days: heading to northern Michigan. This first night, about half as far as we are going, we have a nice bed-and-breakfast with a private hot tub on our deck, sandy beach, lovely flower garden, internet… Unlike most of our trips up north, even the weather is perfect—sunny, warm, and even our state bird (the horseflies) are gone! I won’t be cooking much this week, and won’t be posting. The cottage is on a wooded hill overlooking Lake Huron, with a view of the Mackinac Bridge from the beach and all very quiet and fine, and if we see 3 other people on our beach it’s an event. As you can imagine, no connection except a rotary dial phone, to the world.

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