More on the vacation:

Lake Huron near Cheboygan. The beach is rocky. The rocks are smooth and rounded by the waves. Double-fist sized rocks are high on the beach. Rocks which fit in your palm, are nearer to the water, mixed with fingertip-sized smooth gravel. The lake is low, though it has been lower in the past few years, and rocks that are usually covered by water are exposed. The formerly underwater rocks are all different sizes: from tiny sand sizes to rocks large enough to lie down on to sun yourself. The rocks underwater are slick with algae. The water is very clear: zebra mussels have been filtering the organic matter for years. Zebra mussels came into the Great Lake in bilge water carried on boats that sail the lakes carrying coal, copper and iron ore, and agricultural and commercial goods. The mussels grow very well on and between the rocks, are sharp to step on, and inedible to humans or water-life. Now, they do seem to be dying back, so in future the water may not be so clear.


There are 41 steps down a steep hill to the woods below, and path to the shore.
Stairs still scare me, three years after I broke my ankle.
At least I no longer dream of that trip down the stairs…

The shore and horizon seen from a canoe…


Those rocks are about 3 feet down. The bubbles from paddling are floating on almost still water.

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2 thoughts on “More on the vacation:

  1. Beatiful and big lake! I found this lake on my son’s map.
    It is one of Great Lake State.
    There were no people. I envy you. But if my sons swim in this lake, I need LIFEGUARDs. I thought it wss a brackish lake.
    Today, my older son had a swimming class in his schaool.
    It was too cold to swim. Summer was gone.

    • It is a beautiful lake! The population up north is quite low, and if people from the cities want a vacation cottage then they find property not so far away.

      Your sons would not swim very long in this lake: the water is cold! This summer was cool and rainy so Lake Huron was colder than usual. I went swimming one time. My husband swam everyday!

      The Lake is fresh water: not salty like the ocean. I didn’t see an ocean until I was grown up!

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