Eating Out in Canton

When the daughter visited in the summer, we drove to Canton to eat at a Japanese noodle restaurant which I had been impressed with a couple of years ago. It was my fault—surfing on-line, working on the blog, and then insisting on a shower—that we arrived at the restaurant at a quarter past 2. They had just closed. We went to a near-by Thai restaurant, but it was not as good as it used to be.


So the daughter is visiting now, and it seemed an opportunity to visit Matsuchan. Mr. J was home so he drove. As we turned out of the driveway, one of us said, “Should we call to be sure they are open?” But we laughed and said it was only 12:30 and we’d get there in plenty of time. We didn’t take into account that it was Monday.


That is how we found Aji Ten. It was a reasonable stand-in. The daughter had a lunch special which included tekka-don and a bowl of shoyu ramen. Don means “over rice.”  And tekka means iron fire (hot iron), as in red hot, the same color as tuna. I wished that I’d ordered the special because it looked so good.

I ordered just the shoyu ramen. It was good, but no way as delicious as the shoyu ramen I made. And of course my chashu is better.


Of course it is unfair to compare the fare with my home-made food, but Mr. J’s kamo soba was no where near as nice as mine.


We went to Southfield then, to buy some bay leaves at Penzy’s. Just because it was a nice day. The ride home was fast. Note the autumn colors. Note the piece of steel that a pair of trucks blew into us (no damage). Note the Arborland “A” and the time on the clock. Note our neighbor and her children almost getting run over as they cross the street in front of traffic… oh so much excitment!

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2 thoughts on “Eating Out in Canton

  1. That’s scary! Your readers are going to think you must be totally nuts to ride in a car with me. What’s also scary is that Youtube sets your cute video next to “No Pants Subway Ride.”

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