where the love of God goes…

Here is the new cutter Mackinaw in action:

There are/were 2 cutters named Mackinaw. Note the spelling is different from the Makinac Bridge, and Makinac Island. The two spellings, English and French, are derived from the word Michilimackinac in the Ojibwa language, meaning “Island of the Great Turtle”. The last part of the Ojibwa word is pronounced Mak’inô.
J. and I toured the MACKINAW (WAGB-83), not the one in the above video. It was commissioned on 20 December 1944, decommissioned in 2006. Cheboygan was its home port for many years, and people were able to go aboard once a week for many years, but we did the tour only the one time. Apparently it is now a maritime museum in Mackinaw City, Michigan.
The first Mackinaw:
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