Meal Ready to Eat: MRE

meal ready to eat package mre beef raviolli mre heater cautions mre heater instructions importance of eating heating the mre use a rock or something no rocks in my kitchen a meal to write home about vegetable crackers a big brownie brownie with preserving thing-y veggie crackers with squeeze cheeze not paying attention to time accessory pack cold beverage package mre lemonade mixed fruit package mre fruit cocktail what is in the accessory pack mre hot raviolli mre raviolli on a plate raviolli on a fork bag to heat coffee in hot coffee in need of a cup Image Map

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2 thoughts on “Meal Ready to Eat: MRE

  1. It doesn’t need a cup! Use your teeth to tear off one of the bottom corners of the bag, drink it like that. Much easier than having to clean a canteen cup later.

    • oh akycha!

      LOL! I’m sure you are right.

      I’ve never been in the armed forces, but long ago my future husband and I shared a memorable breakfast hitchhiking and spending a night on a Lake Michigan beach just north of the Mackinac Bridge. A can of water heated over some driftwood, a teabag, and some dried figs soaked in it.

      Well, we did similar things more than once…

      I don’t mean to make light of the difficulties faced by people in harm’s way, but the comradery and shared food might well become happy memories?

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