Meal Ready to Eat: MRE

meal ready to eat packageIn 1997 the government started posting the following notice on all MRE boxes: U.S. Government Property Commercial Resale is Unlawful. While this notice seems to have cut down on some of the blantant “sell them by the truckload” selling, you can still find perfectly good MREs pretty easily.
How much to pay? $45-$50 per case is the average price. You can sometimes find them less and you can always find someone trying to sell them for more. $45 plus shipping (24lbs – $10-$20) is a fair deal.

Where to find them?
Someone in the military: Full-time military personnel and part-time reservists/National Guard often get these during training/field exercises.
Army Surplus Stores: these are where the MREs are the most expensive.
Gun shows: you can usually find MREs at a local gun show.
Ebay: you should also be on the lookout for certain things when shopping for MREs. Not all things labeled “MRE” are really the US military MREs that you’re looking for.

2 thoughts on “Meal Ready to Eat: MRE

  1. It doesn’t need a cup! Use your teeth to tear off one of the bottom corners of the bag, drink it like that. Much easier than having to clean a canteen cup later.

    • oh akycha!

      LOL! I’m sure you are right.

      I’ve never been in the armed forces, but long ago my future husband and I shared a memorable breakfast hitchhiking and spending a night on a Lake Michigan beach just north of the Mackinac Bridge. A can of water heated over some driftwood, a teabag, and some dried figs soaked in it.

      Well, we did similar things more than once…

      I don’t mean to make light of the difficulties faced by people in harm’s way, but the comradery and shared food might well become happy memories?

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