Okra Chips: Bet you can’t eat just one!

With my latest love-affair foremost in my mind,
imagine how excited I was
to make this fabulous discovery about my infatuation!

Okra Chips!!!! yummmmm

Another thing to be happy about:
snow (melting) on yews

(not so dramatic as the book with a similar name…)

9 thoughts on “Okra Chips: Bet you can’t eat just one!

  1. Tess – this is probably my favourite food website. I love Japanese food from some time i spent living there. The photos are also amazing. No question here – just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to allow me to enjoy your site.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Balraj!
      I love flattery—you are most generous! And your comment makes me very happy.
      When did you live in Japan?
      So lucky.


  2. I am so discouraged. I want the real deal recipe to make okra chips. I bought some in Charleston and Fell in love with them but I live in Alabama and cannot afford to order these online. We grow okra and I would desperately love to know how to make these for my family. I tried dehydration and it was awful. Are they fried or freeze dried or baked or WHAT??? Please give me the recipe for these wonderful things. Thank you so much. Anxious in Alabama
    ——edited to remove the email link in a public comment

  3. From what I found out, I don’t think you can make these at home. They are made using a process called “vacuum frying” which uses a commercial sort of fryer that can process fruits and vegetables (and low-grade potatoes) at a low temperature. Too bad, because these okra chips are great!

    Apparently they are regularly available at Whole Foods, but not cheap. I found them at a local store, and I’m seriously going to have to get some: might even break down and go to WF (which I avoid because they are so expensive).

  4. Talk o’Texas? So when my American friend asked me “What do you want me to bring you”, I should have asked for this? I do think the Montenegran family in law makes something similar to this, they grow them too. I might head that way with Easter, will remember!

    • I only recently discovered these pickles: they are displayed on a top shelf, with only one jar visible in the front row. But I must have bought most of them which were on the shelf. They were down to only two jars!

      There are so many kinds of pickles! I don’t know if your American friend would have been able to find them—my friends with ties to the American South were not familiar to them. Perhaps they are a Texas specialty?

      If your in-laws like pickles, then it could be they make them. The pickles are not very salty or hot, as pickles sometimes are. I was pleased to see that the store where I found them now has now re-stocked the supply.

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