Buffalo, Mars, Pittsburgh

J. and I had a long (driving) weekend when he had the opportunity to return to Buffalo to check out the site he worked on last fall/winter. It’s a long way, and usually I would not undertake such a long drive in only four days. He promised we would stay in a nice hotel, and he’d take me to ♡♡♡ Niagara Falls ♡♡♡. How could I resist such a romantic weekend?
It was a beautiful time of year to drive: spring green; ephemeral green when vineyards are color as only for a day with red and green-yellow on brown. Same color we saw in France, driving into Spain near the Mediterranean, only flat: nascent green; alas, no mountains but vines awakening across a plane.

But oh and ah, though it was sunny weather, the wind was fierce, the temperature too cool for a trip on the “Maid of the Mist!” Instead we went to Pittsburgh (where J worked some time ago but discovered The National Aviary.

Of note, we stayed in Mars, PA only a little outside: who knew it was so close?

And I finally found a couple of pairs of sunglasses with big big frames…

Trip interesting to us, and I’m saving it on my blog only so I can easily look at the pics again…

5 thoughts on “Buffalo, Mars, Pittsburgh

  1. Yes, it does…Sorry I didn’t mean to cause a stir, I was just trying to find out what I could do with my new WP.com blog. Just stumbled into that one.

    You have a great blog here, all that food I’m getting hungry!

  2. Hi Ray,
    No worry! It’s an interesting idea, though I’d never thought about putting a picture in anyone else’s comments before. LOL
    I think it’s just something the WordPress staff just overlooked. They don’t promote the gigya code very much.

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