2 thoughts on “A2 Farmers’ Market

  1. Such exquisite colours…such beautiful pictures. I feel as though I walked beside you through the market, picking things up – holding them in the palm – inhaling fruity perfumes! The rhubarb!! Those mushrooms!! The bread!!Ahhhh *sigh* Borrowed piece of Spring…
    greater than 3 Carolyn Xx

    • Carolyn: Ah, we two can reflect our opposite seasons to each other, fast enough to communicate 21-first century miracle, though we are half a world apart.

      Our market is small, but it has lots of variety. People are supposed to grow or produce or make things locally. Some vendors stretch the lines: tomatoes in Michigan in May?? Professionally potted primroses, and so on…

      Even so, it is a way to see what is growing around our small town.

      I find it difficult to take pictures in a crowd, but this time I did get a nice picture of the two unrelated people brushing their ears, the woman with the orange bag and green shoes, the family with the flowers.

      When I take pictures of people in a crowd, I get shy and unable to focus my attention.

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