A2 Farmers’ Market

Andrew Bindon
we love each other very dearly
than raindrops need sunbeams or snowflakes make
possible mayflowers:

quite eyes of air
not with twilight’s first thrushes may awake
more secretly than our(if disappear
should some world)selves

.No doing shall undo
(nor madness not mere death nor both who is
la guerre)your me or simplify my you

sweet this creative never known
complexity was born before the moon
before God wished Himself into a rose

and even(
we’ll adventure the into
most immemorial of whens

each heartbeat which i am alive to kiss

can i update a post? 25 May 2010

2 thoughts on “A2 Farmers’ Market

  1. Such exquisite colours…such beautiful pictures. I feel as though I walked beside you through the market, picking things up – holding them in the palm – inhaling fruity perfumes! The rhubarb!! Those mushrooms!! The bread!!Ahhhh *sigh* Borrowed piece of Spring…
    greater than 3 Carolyn Xx

    • Carolyn: Ah, we two can reflect our opposite seasons to each other, fast enough to communicate 21-first century miracle, though we are half a world apart.

      Our market is small, but it has lots of variety. People are supposed to grow or produce or make things locally. Some vendors stretch the lines: tomatoes in Michigan in May?? Professionally potted primroses, and so on…

      Even so, it is a way to see what is growing around our small town.

      I find it difficult to take pictures in a crowd, but this time I did get a nice picture of the two unrelated people brushing their ears, the woman with the orange bag and green shoes, the family with the flowers.

      When I take pictures of people in a crowd, I get shy and unable to focus my attention.

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