Tomato Roses


Tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen in our garden. The small red tomatoes have strong rich flavor, but thick tough skin.

Some of the big yellow tomatoes are getting ripe. Simple is best with such wonderful tomatoes: peeled, roughly chopped, a bit of salt and pepper topping lovely pasta with good olive oil, and excellent parmesan.

Begin to peel at the stem end by cutting a part of a circle then spiraling and turning the tomato to cut the peel into a ribbon.
Put the strip skin down on a counter and roll from the blossom end to make the center of a rose. Finish with the partial circle as an outside petal.
If the ribbon is too long, or it breaks, make rosebuds.
Secure with a piece of dry spaghetti if you like. Basil leaves would be pretty. Or curly green onions.
Apple peels could also be used to make roses, though you’d want to dip them into lemon juice to prevent browning. I remember making apple pies, and we girls tried to peel the apples in one continuous strip. When tossed unto the table, the strip was supposed to form the initial of your future spouse.

6 thoughts on “Tomato Roses

    • Yes, these wouldn’t be good with cookies, breads, and bars.
      But you could make a salad or vegetable snack tray.

      (Like a real rose, they don’t taste all that good, and they are pretty.)

  1. Miam! While it would be unlogical to think that shapes affects the taste of food, I think that a flower-shaped tomato tastes better than a regular tomato.
    The yellow tomato looks so sweet and yummy! Did you made these?

    It is something to do when you want to propose someone or when you are already engaged?

    • Oh, no. A flower tomato does not taste better than the heart of a tomato! In fact I would not eat them: tough skin w/o much flavor. Maybe like the saying, “All that glitters is not gold?”

      But beautiful things elicit positive (strong) associations and emotions. Like art. Alas, these are at only pretty. But even pretty things are pleasant and happy.

      Yes, I made them and my knife skills are not great: use them at a dinner party to decorate a tray of appetizers!

      As for romance, if you are planning to propose to someone, I’d think a nice diamond in the center of a decorative rose would look striking…

      • Oh silly me! Yes, you are indeed right, the inside of the tomato is much much better than the skin! But at quick glance, without reading the article my oh my it looks delicious. Picture 3 is just yummy!…

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