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Our buyers’ agent wanted us to be sure of the house we bid on after discovering some potentially serious problem. So: Four houses, two of which are Cape Cods, two ranches, in a wide variety of locations. In our price range, the bathrooms are all very basic, the bedrooms are mostly small, the the front door opens directly into the tiny livingrooms. Most houses we looked at had ceiling fans; don’t know why. Most had decks and at least one fireplace. Many had sun-rooms or similar additions. All have gas-forced air heat and air conditioning.

Price: $189,900
Sq. Feet: 1,348
Year Built: 1995
Bedrooms: 3
Formal Dining Room
Fireplace (gas)
Basement: Full,Daylight
Deck (small) / Porch (stoop with roof)
2.5 Car Garage
plywood siding, kitchen dark, ugly backsplash,
Kitchen Aide appliances, archway, ceiling fans,
plenty of closets, small bedrooms,
third bedroom: very tiny- walk-through to kitchen
unpaved road, eccentric neighborhood,…

Price: $184,900
Sq. Feet: 1,288
Acres: 0.21
Year Built: 1993
Formal Dining Room
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2.10
Basement: Full
2.5 Car Garage

a nether-never-nowhere sub-division, sidewalks with no place to go, busy road, farm fields (chemical sprays), pointless deck with a view of the neighbors’ decks, no shade. Check out the view for washing dishes! Whole house vacuum system??? Ceiling fans

Price: $159,900
Sqft: 1293.0
Year built: 1957
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.0
Basement: Full
2 Car Garage

very small yard, family room addition on slab with deck overlooking neighbor’s triple wide driveway and concrete patio, one bedroom is a walk-through with a sky-light in lieu of a window, ceiling fans

Price: $162,500
Sq. Feet: ?
Acres:0.38 Acres
Lot Dimensions: 125X132
Year Built: 1995
Bedrooms: 3
Formal Dining Room
Fireplaces: 2
Basement: partially finished
Gazebo w fireplace
1 Car Garage
Year Built: 1939
eccentric and interesting house: like the house was built, then a large room was added, then the room was connected to the house. double lot with a gazebo, ferns, hostas, trees—you wouldn’t even know you’re in town!

11 thoughts on “house hunting

    • It’s interesting to see what people have in their houses.

      The house with the gazebo had lovely antiques and small art pieces they’d collected on their travels.

      One house we looked at had stellated icosahedra and star-shaped lamp shades. Another one, as soon as we walked in, we were hit with the smell of incense maybe covering up the cat odor or maybe the mustiness from the basement which had obvious water problems…

      We only looked at pictures of the house with glow-in-the-dark yellow counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s surprising how many houses have walk-through rooms they call bedrooms.

  1. Tess, moving is one of the most stressful things, but in the long run, it’s always for the better

    having moved between different continents 5 times, I guess I’ve had my share of stress :-)

    Good luck finding the house of your dreams, and making it your wonderful home!

    • Hi Sally,

      So far finding a house has been stressful. We are only moving somewhere in this area—the house we live in now needs so much work. I can’t imagine moving to another continent!

      There was a kind of anticipation when I thought we’d found “our” house, like the beginning of an adventure. After having “our” house inspected, we found out the furnace has been throwing out carbon monoxide, the sewer line is orangeburg (used after WWII when there were shortages of building materials) and will collapse, the foundation is beginning to shift, and a long list of minor problems…

      Oh but such a lovely kitchen and sunroom and a nice arrangement of bedrooms…

  2. Oh, Tess!
    You are moving! Have the cats been consulted? For what it’s worth I think natural light is a big plus in a house. I’m always looking for skylights and windows. Next it should have a good kitchen and a garden with good bones, (and established fruits trees). Anyway these things you know. I hope you find something that sings to you. I’m already imagining the splendid things you will cook in your new abode! Double smiles. Love Blorgie Xx (Carolyn)

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The cats have not been consulted. And now that I’m coming to terms that the house we have bid on has too many expensive problems it might be just as well. The cats would have had to become indoor kitties because there is a busy street just behind the house. Ah well, I guess we’ll keep looking…

      Hope you are well!

  3. Hey Tess, I love the last house with the gazebo! The most important thing… which one has the best kitchen? Here’s a picture of my patio in my new apartment… all ready for a potted garden! The only problem is the resident squirrel who has a little nest in the liquid amber tree right outside of my bedroom window. The weather was SO hot here last week, that she chewed her way through the garden hose to get at some water. I hope that the two different views show up! Karla
    C:\Documents and Settings\Karla\My Documents\My Pictures\2010-08-06, house
    C:\Documents and Settings\Karla\My Documents\My Pictures\2010-08-06, house

    • Hi karla

      Your links are not working: maybe try again?

      I love the house with the gazebo too. But its kitchen is terrible: a hallway with an electric stove. There are two great living rooms but no dining room, just room in the hallway kitchen for a tiny table.

      The house with the nice kitchen, well, if you read my comments above is unlikely to happen. The gazebo house is even more likely to have more problems so both of those are out.

      There are a lot of houses, and lots of them are lowering their asking prices so maybe there is a chance we will find something.

  4. May good fortune go along with your house search, Tess. It’s not easy and I wish you all the best.


    • Hi Marcia,

      Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll use them well! I’m a bit discouraged now. The house we bid on was so nice, I loved it; but one can’t live in a house without a sewer, a furnace, a stable foundation etc. etc. \ All of those things can be fixed. but expensive.

  5. Tess, finding the right house requires time and patience; there are disappointments, but you and Mr. Tess will find the perfect house for you both.

    It’s a good time of year to buy as well as a good time in our current economy. May you find a beautiful bargain.


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