Origami Leaf B


Origami Leaf

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Begin with a 2 1/2-inch square (6.35 cm) of paper. Crease both diagonals—note it is easier to see mountain folds, so fold diagonals with the colored side in. Fold one corner to the center. Match the right and left corners with the white side out, flatten along the existing crease-line. Turn the model over and rotate so it looks like the next picture.
Bring the bottom right corner to the top, and crease. Match the right edge to the center-line on the back of the model. The top flap will stick out the side.
This is the view from the front of the model, and the back. Open and re-fold the creases in opposite directions. You are teaching the paper to fold forward and backward.
Open the model and separate the two layers of paper on the left side. Push the mountain fold on the front forward, and the mountain fold on the back away and behind the valley fold.
The landmark crease will flatten to the folded edge. Turn the model over.
Sorry that in my photo, my model refused to lay flat. You should be able to turn that flap, just as you would turn the page of a book.
Fold the corner of the flap to the center crease. Fold the flap-page back. Repeat on the other side of your model.
Take note of the two corners indicated by the circles in the picture on the above left. I find it easiest to place a straight edge between the two points. Lift the triangle below up…
…and flatten the triangle over the straight edge. Open the model.
If you make the final fold just below the two circles I showed you, your leaf will be a little more 3 dimensional, especially if you curl the leaf over a pencil.
Origami Leaf
Another page of instructions! Though this leaf is relatively easy to fold, the process of explaining how to do it, including pictures and text was not. Obviously, I have not been cooking lately, but I promise to get back to it soon.

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