mentaiko spaghetti
sauce with a touch of Kewpi mayonnaise, buttermilk, yuzu juice, and yuzu kosho (yuzu and pepper) and then generously thickened it with the mentaiko. A condiment of minced jalapeno, pickled ginger and garlic chives added texture and brightness to seaweed pasta


2 thoughts on “mentaiko spaghetti

  1. Oh Tess, bring on the roe! Your spaghetti looks awesome! If people think that all roe is bait… then they otta go to a fish and tackle store and but some “Zeke’s Floatining Bait”!
    The color enough will attract anything with fins! You just grab a little hunk out of the jar… then away you go! I’ve long stopped fishing long ago, but I’ll always remember the neon pink trout bait. We used to back pack up in the Sierras, and it was a favorite of brown trout. Fun memories. Nope… I never did try a finger full.
    AH FELIX!! When I was in middle management, the top brass brought in some Consulting firm that was going to make us better managers…(that meant crack a meaner whip, take lower salary increases, and smile enthusiastically.) One of their “exercises” was to have us name our favorite cartoon character. Of course I chose Felix. I wish that it were true… I could sure use his bag of tricks these days!

    • I had an almost complete reply to your comment here, but it vanished!

      It was about my not-so-great fishing experiences summed up by “Give Tess a fish and she’ll cook it, teach Tess to fish and she’ll find a different job…”

      My brothers tried to show me a few times, but I failed. The one time I actually caught a fish I was like Mikey with a mouse: I didn’t know what to do with it. Brothers said to wap it on the side of the boat, then put it into the basket. Suffice it to say that Mikey has carried more than one mouse into bed to “play” with, and he’s so disappointed when they stop… Who knows what he thinks, but that fish was so lively that killing it was not a thing I wanted to do.

      Now, the pink trout bait… Nope. I guess I wouldn’t try to make sushi with it.

      I’ve never had the joy of those “team-building” experiences, except for a couple of “exercises” where people came to where I work (marketing people in both cases) to “explore thinking outside of the box”. One group made puppets. The other made books or portfolios to represent an image of themselves, or something.

      I don’t think Felix considers failure as a possibility: hot-dogging it to Alaska on a couple of questions marks!

      I wonder what he’d do with a bowl of spaghetti?

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