Japanese Crepes

The one with shredded cabbage, canned tuna, and mayo is absolutely the best crepe I have ever had in my life. I don’t care for sweet ones.

The Ham and Cheese sounded benign enough, but Kimono Koi ensured that extra twist by topping it with Japanese seaweed and drizzling it with teriyaki and mayo. The combination seemed to work — the soft, slightly chewy crepe held together this bedlam of flavours that somehow managed to find a bit of harmony.
At $6.75 including taxes, Kimono Koi is neither a bargain, nor is it pricey. Although the Ham and Cheese crepe was tasty, I’m not sure it’s one of those things we’d keep coming back for. Maybe if we’re in the mood for dessert, we’ll give one of their sweet, dessert-sounding crepes a try.or 2 cups of flour add 3/4 cup lime water.

1cup of water
1 Tbsp of lime paste
Stir and allow the crystlas to sediment out.
Tip off the clear upper liquid and use this for the batter.
lime paste or lime water is used extensively and I suspect that this trick came either from China or from Portugal
The lime paste can be bought at Asian food suppliers including an online supplier
(I have a great respect for this company and unhesitatingly recommend them)

ngredients for two crepes:
30 g rice flour 1oz
10 g granulated sugar
100 cc milk 1/2 c
1 egg
Small amount of oil

2— 4 eggs
1/2—1 cup flour
1/4—1/2 cup milk
1/4—1/2 cup water
1/4—1/2 teaspoon salt
1—2 tablespoons melted butter

1 ½ teaspoons Koon-Chun kansui
diluted in 1 cup water


12 thoughts on “Japanese Crepes

  1. I enjoyed the little bit of history and entartainment that you also included with the recipe. Thanks.

    • Hi, (is it Sara, ms lifewith4cats?)
      I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post. I don’t know if you are interested in Japanese cooking, but I do very much love my cats, all 3 rescued from what could have been very short hard lives.

      I do try to post other information, silliness, personal thoughts, quotes, html information, music, oddities, beyond recipes on my blog, so welcome to you!

  2. I think I introduced myself to you in the forum thread But I did not realize you had not seen it. I cant remeber what topic it was.
    yes, I am also teaching myself to cook Asian food and am always trying to find authentic Asian cookbooks in english. I own the one by Hiroko Shimbo that started your cookbook contest. So I have been reading your blog with a common interest.
    Navigating an Asian grocery store is a challenging feat so I am always looking for tips and things that can teach me. :)

    • Ah, yes! Your avatar sort of resembles mine. Thought I’d seen you!
      No joke that navigating Asian stores is a challenge! They are places where I am illiterate and for the most part mute, but around here the people are very friendly. It is sort of like traveling to a foreign country! I tend to be shy in France and Spain, and very shy in the Asian stores, but I’ve learned that people do try to be helpful even when they are busy. For Japanese home cooking, Ms. Shimbo’s book is excellent, as is Elizabeth Andoh’s book.
      I started this project because I could not actually travel at the time: it’s a surreptitious travel and adventure.

    • Oh Sally, mine were nowhere anything like Japanese crepes! But the crepe recipe itself is worth doing again: take a look at some Google images to see how much whipped cream, ice cream, fruit, chocolate syrup, amazing combinations…
      I don’t have a sweet tooth so I should ask Mr. Tess for some ideas…

  3. hi , i am trying to make japanesse crep, but when i tried to fold it like a cone shape, it the creap will break.. is it because it too wet. I am using ice-cream as a filling. How can i prevent it from breaking.

  4. Maybe you are cooking them too crispy or thin?
    When you make the crepes, do you stack them as you cook the whole batch of batter? I think stacking them helps them to soften with steam when you stack them. Cover with a slightly moistened cloth, too. I hope that helps…

  5. Hi Tess, thanks.. I am trying to make them thin as from what I see (in you tube) Japanesse crepe seem to very thin.. but not that crispy.. it can stil fold but thing is when you try to eat it , the crepe break especially at the bottom side .. do you know how thick there are?


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