We took a trip to Missouri to visit family—I’d been to St. Louis but had never seen the countryside beyond with its beautiful rolling hills and wooded land.
We did drive to St. Louis one day to see the Missouri Botanical gardens. I remembered how beautiful the Japanese gardens were when we visited when my daughter was young. The four glass sculptural pieces (which the Garden purchased after a major exhibit a few years ago) by Dale Chihuly were fun surprises to find displayed around the grounds. We began with a walk through the Climatron, the glass geodesic dome greenhouse. The plants and flowers were lush, almost as if we had traveled to another country!
Though the temperature inside the greenhouse was cooler than outside, it was more humid. It made me dizzy and nauseous. We walked to the edge of the Japanese garden, and I had to stop. This U.P. girl is not accustomed to such heat! It was such a pleasure to get back to the house and have a restorative dip in the pool.
We spent a lot of time floating in the pool, reading, relaxing, enjoying the quiet.
The dog liked to get into the water, climb out, wait for someone to come near, and shake. Splash!
The cat, who I was tempted to take home with me, wanted to sneak out of the house to chew on the tall grass.
You can see part of the pool reflected in the glass door of the guest-house. In the morning, the deck outside was a very pleasant place to sit on the glider with a cup of coffee and a book contemplating the gurgling waterfall, the pool, and whether to have breakfast or a swim first.
I spent an amazing morning stalking butterflies, dragonflies, bees, other insects enjoying the plants around the pool.
You can see the guest-house (and the back of the garage) from the pool. The other picture is a view of the main house from the deck outside the guest-house.

2 thoughts on “vacation

  1. Oh my! wouldn’t that be great to have a geodesic dome to cover my house and yard? Especially in winter; I could grow bananas and all sorts of exotic flowers!

    We cleaned the estate sale area rug over the weekend. I didn’t want to do it inside because the carpet-cleaner machine spits out water and soap: I figured it wouldn’t be good for the wood floor underneath so we dragged it outside and did it on the patio over a sheet of visqueen plastic. We draped the carpet over some chairs to dry. The plastic we just let dry over the grass. But it was hot and sunny: now we have a 9 by 12 rectangle of perfectly dead grass…

    I’m thinking a glass dome in summer might not be the thing to do.
    (of course the garden had fancy HVAC stuff to regulate the temperature inside…)

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